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  • What is it like to work with Liz?
    I am your BFF and your biggest cheerleader! I want to see you exceed as much as you do! I guide you behind the scenes to help you streamline your podcast process or launch your podcast.
  • Liz's Qualifications
    I am self-taught in the business world. I’ve started, scaled and sold a line of Yoga wear. I started and scaled a successful travel agency. And I’ve started a successful podcast management agency. All of these businesses have given me the tenacity to find the answers and to learn along the way. For my podcast business in addition to learning hands on, I’ve also taken several courses as I hone my skills. Courses in editing, guest pitching, guest management, podcast launches, email list building, marketing and more. My formal education includes obtaining my associates degree in nursing and I am a Registered Nurse. My career was spent in the Operating room where I worked in a fast paced environment and had to react quickly and think on my feet.
  • Client Results
    Once I take over podcast management it opens up time for that podcaster to grow their show with my help and grow other areas of their business. Some results I have seen from some of my management clients: 112% increase in listener downloads Listener consumption rate from 38% to 85% Podcast email open rates from 22% to 56% Time to launch a membership site Time to create a digital course
  • What would our working relationship look like?
    I use airtable for my management and launch clients. To use airtable is free to you. Airtable is a great way for us to be able to see where each of is at with each episode. With a glance you can see what has been edited, what needs to be edited, what has been published, what is schedule to publish, if show notes are written, etc. I use Slack for communication. A Slack account is free for you. This allows us to easily communicate and chat daily about your podcast and podcast needs.


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