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How Can My Podcast Rank on Apple Podcast Charts?

How do I rank on the Apple charts?

Contrary to popular belief, ranking on the apple charts does not take reviews into consideration!

But let's back up and start from the beginning. And this will help you if you are a brand new podcaster launching your show or if you are a seasoned podcaster but you don't understand how to rank!

How I had a brand new podcaster in the marketing category rank at #39 with her first few episodes!

On Wednesday, 2/28, Andee Hart and I launched her podcast the She Sells Differently Podcast.

Andee had been dreaming about launching a podcast for years and she hired me to help her do the darn thing!

Within 6 weeks of us working through my signature podcast launch framework we launched!

And part of that framework is a launch strategy that helped her catapult her brand new episode to #39 on the marketing chart for the US!

Marketing is one of the most difficult categories to rank in because of how many shows are in it and Andee hit #39 on the charts!

And to put that into perspective some other shows that are in that top #40 market category included Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield and Brendan Burchard!

The excitement that Andee and I felt was next level! And Andee was overrun with gratitude because this also showed her how much listeners were loving what she was putting out into the world!

Image is a screenshot that I took from Chartable showing the She Sells Differently Podcast ranking at #39

So, why is this a big deal and how did we do it?

Why you want to rank on the Apple podcast charts?

Ranking on the charts is a bit of a vanity metric, however, it can also be incredibly helpful to rank on the charts for discoverability and visibility purposes.

The closer you are to the top of the charts the better your chances of being discovered by your ideal listeners. And if you missed last weeks blog post on how to optimize your podcast host for discoverability go back and check that out here.

What categories are easiest to rank in on the Apple podcast charts?

This is where you need to start to be strategic with your categories. However, while you want to be strategic you also want to be in categories that make sense for your podcast.

So, for example, if you have a marketing podcast you want your main category to be in marketing.

Now, marketing is a very big category and it can be quite difficult to rank in. But that doesn't mean you want to put your marketing podcast show in a category like hobbies because you think it will be "easier" to chart in.

That will not help you at all. Let's say you put your marketing podcast show in hobbies and you chart in the top 10. Well if someone is in perusing the hobby category and comes across your marketing podcast they aren't going to listen because it's not what they are looking for.

You want to put your podcast show into categories that your IDEAL LISTENER is searching in.

So, more important than your rank is the fact that you are putting yourself in the same place that your ideal listener is looking in.

How do I rank on Apple podcast charts?

Ranking on the Apple charts takes these things into consideration

How popular they think your show is. That's it! But how do they decide how popular your show is?

  1. You want to have a lot of downloads of your new episode in a short period of time.

  2. You want those that have listened to your episode to listen to the majority of your episode.

That's it! But what about reviews and likes? Those don't actually factor in to ranking on the Apple charts, however, they are amazing social proof that you can share on social media and in your emails on how much listeners love your show and the value that you are giving.

How do I know when I rank on the Apple podcast Charts?

I use chartable for this. You can sign up for a free account with them and then you can track your podcast and see when you rank and what charts you are ranking on! You can sign up for a free chartable account here. So, navigating the competitive landscape of Apple Podcast charts is not as elusive as it may seem and contrary to common assumptions, reviews and likes play a minimal role in securing a coveted spot on the charts. The key lies in strategic categorization and a focus on aligning with the interests of your ideal audience. As exemplified by Andee Hart's remarkable ascent to #39 on the marketing chart.

A well-executed launch strategy can propel your podcast to new heights.

The significance of chart placement extends beyond mere vanity metrics, offering invaluable discoverability and visibility to potential listeners.

To monitor your podcast's performance on Apple Charts, platforms like Chartable prove instrumental, allowing you to track rankings and optimize your approach for sustained success.

Remember, it's not just about the rank; it's about positioning your content where your ideal audience is actively searching.

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