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Power Hour

You are a solopreneur and despite doing allll the things for your podcast

you have questions.


You want to have a pair of fresh eyes on your podcast and see where the gaps are.

Or maybe you want to launch a podcast but you want to "pick my brain" when it come to all of your launch questions.


This is where my podcast power hour helps you!

What if you felt...

more in control of your podcast management systems

like you were talking to a friend that you could bounce ideas off of and ask all your questions

like you had actionable steps to help you reach your podcast goals

like you had someone to help you find the gaps in your podcast marketing

Well friend, we can do all of this during

our power hour together!


Podcast launches

Podcast management

Backend systems for organization

How to grow your podcast

How to monetize your podcast

How to handle guest management


After you book...

Select your date and time from the calendar and pay your invoice

Once I receive your date I'll send you over a questionnaire to fill out. You do this ahead of time so I can research your podcast and business and come to our call with actionable steps for you to take! By filling out the form PRIOR to our call that means we aren't wasting valuable time on our call with me asking you questions. We get right down to business!


Liz is so amazing! She offers real insight while providing actionable steps to help you reach your goals. I loved that she had done her research on my podcast and showed up prepared and ready to work. 


xoxo, Mikita

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