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VIP Podcast Launch Experience

You are maxed out on your business and you are ready to open yourself up to a new audience. You know the way to do that is through a podcast.


But you don't need to add one more thing to your never ending to-do list. You want to launch your podcast and you want to do it quickly.

That's where my VIP podcast launch comes in.


You will get your podcast launched quickly and done with a podcast launch expert.

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A podcast is the best lead generation tool! 

It will allow you to build a personal connection with your audience.

A podcast allows you to build trust with your audience.

And allows you to build your brand.

And will help you reach new potential clients.

So friend I ask you this - 

Are you ready?



  • You want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry and connect on a more personal level with your ideal clients

  • Perhaps you feel you have maxed out your ideal clients in your business and are looking for a way to capture a new audience

  • It's likely you don't want to add one more thing to your to-do list and you are ready to have an expert guide you through the process quickly

  • You want to finally launch this podcast instead of pushing that launch date out - an you've probably already pushed this date out several times over a few years



What if...

You had someone doing all the behind the scenes work on your podcast and you were able to launch in a week? 

You had someone to expertly guide you through the launch process?​

Instead of feeling stressed out about a podcast launch you felt confident and excited?

Instead of guesting on other podcasts you were finally able to be the expert in front of your own audience?​


Your VIP Day

  • Fully edited Intro, Outro, Trailer and first episode delivered (request edits if applicable)

  • Show notes for trailer and episode 1 delivered

  • 3 sets of completed Canva Templates for social media (Three sets for stories and three sets for your feed) 

Day 1
You will Receive

  • Your Podcast description which I will write from your pre-work information 

  • Cover art delivered (you'll work with my graphic designer during the pre-work phase)

  • Graphics + Audiograms delivered for trailer and  episode 1

Day 2
You will Receive

  • Episode 2 + 3 Delivered

  • Show notes for episode 2 +3 delivered

  • Graphics + Audiograms delivered for episode 2 + 3

  • Short form blog post and email delivered for trailer + episode 1

Day 3
You will Receive

  • Upload and schedule first 3 episodes 

  • Schedule blog posts

  • Schedule emails

  • Wrap up call!

Day 5
You will Receive

  • Set up podcast host + upload trailer so it's live

  • Submit to podcast directories such as apple, spotify, stitcher, etc. 

  • Short form blog post and email delivered for episode 2 + 3

Day 4
You will Receive

  • It's time to celebrate because your show is LIVE!

  • Share + celebrate with all of your friends!

  • Celebrate with your favorite Starbucks drink!

Confetti Girl

Let's Celebrate!

  • Marketing strategy for your new podcast

  • How to edit a podcast video tutorial

  • How to schedule episodes to your host video tutorial

  • Checklist for episode workflow

  • How to pitch yourself pdf

  • Guest management workflow checklist + swipe files

  • 30 days Slack access to answer and podcasting questions




After you book...

You and I will have a Kick - Off call via zoom to walk through launch process and to go over pre-work that needs to be done prior to VIP day



Go with Liz. Her VIP experience was amazing. 

One thing that was super comforting was that Liz was so experienced. She made me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process.

She was able to clarify things and just show the step-by-step to where I felt super comfortable. I highly recommend working with her to make your life so much easier.

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xoxo, Elizabeth

VIP booking

Are you ready to be a VIP?

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