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How to Optimize Your Podcast Host Bio with Keywords

Did you know that strategically placing keywords within your podcast host bio can significantly enhance your discoverability? What do I mean by podcast host? Your podcast host, be it Buzzsprout, Captivate, Spotify for Podcasters, or others, serves as a gateway for your listeners to find you in the podcast player apps.

Why do you want to optimize your podcast description?

As your potential listeners navigate through podcast player apps like Apple, YouTube Music, and Spotify, they are actively searching for specific keywords or phrases relevant to their interests.

So, lets say that I want to listen to episodes about social media marketing, if you have the key word social media marketing in your podcast description than you are more likely to show up as a show that I should listen to!

When you think about optimizing your podcast bio you want to place keywords strategically throughout your bio.

Imagine the impact it could have on new listeners finding you by making your podcast more searchable and increasing the likelihood of attracting an audience that is genuinely interested in your content.

Where to place keywords?

Where are the best place to have keywords that you want to be found for?

  1. Your Podcast title - you should most definitely have a keyword or phrase in your podcast title

  2. Your podcast description - this is also a place you should have keywords or phrases that you would like to be found for

  3. Your episode titles should have a keyword or keyword phrase

  4. Your episode descriptions should include keywords or phrases

  5. The author field - this is in your podcast host and you can have a keyword here. For example if I had a show on social media marketing I would say Liz Chapman, social media strategist

Why are keywords important for your podcast?

Having the right keywords will help new listeners to find your show!

By using keywords that your potential listener is searching for, you not only make your podcast more searchable but also increase the likelihood of attracting an audience genuinely interested in your content.

In this cluttered digital world, where every word matters, optimizing your podcast bio with strategic keywords becomes a crucial element in establishing a robust online presence.

Need help finding the right keywords for your podcast?

I offer a podcast strategy session where I'll do a deep dive into your podcast analytics, content strategy, podcast SEO/keywords and marketing strategy and give you actionable steps to help you move your podcast in the direction you want it to go.

What's included in a podcast strategy session. Deep dive into podcast analytics

Visibility can make or break your podcast

The strategic placement of keywords is one of the keys to increasing your audience.

When meticulously woven into your podcast title, description, episode titles, and author field, keywords become the beacon that guides potential listeners to your content..

So, I leave you with this question. Are you using keywords in your podcast?

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